Design with Type

Save each logo as a JPG

Place them in folder named 5lastnameschools.


You have four different clients that need “Brand Identity” for their schools. Each wants to have a logo that reflects who they are. Remember, your design will have to work blown up very large on the front of the school building. It will also have to work in a small size on school gym shorts and polo shirts.

  • You will create 3 logos for each of the 4 schools. This means a total of 12 logos.
  • Make a Photoshop file 600px x 600px for each of the schools. (You can add to length if your designs take up too much space.)
  • No pictures, but you can use shapes.
  • You are using TYPE to create the DESIGN (and the client identity).
  • Mr. Machtay will give lesson on LETTERSPACING (Kerning). Make sure you take care with spacing between letters.
  • Make sure to put EACH LINE OF TYPE ON ITS OWN LAYER!
  • Due Friday, April 27.

Make sure you get the full school names correct and that capital letters are used appropriately for…

  • SnobHaven Academy for Proper Young Ladies & Gentlemen
    Very expensive with a long history of spoiling the children of the ultra-rich. They want everyone to know that they have a lot of money.
  • Machtay’s Military Academy
    Very serious school with strict discipline and uniforms. Parents threaten their naughty children by saying they’ll send them to “Machtay’s”!!!
  • Kandinsky Institute of Fashion & Design
    Very difficult to gain admission, a very prestigious school for young artists and designers. They need a graphic identity that will convey how impressive and artistic they are.
  • Learn thru Play Pre-School
    They want a graphic identity that is welcoming to parents and appealing to little children. Bright colors, playful shapes or letters would be appropriate.