• Open the file “color.html” from your web1 folder using Adobe Dreamweaver CS6. Look at the Display version and the Edit version.
  • Each of the table cells on the page has black lettering on a white background. But each of the table cells has instructions for new colors that need to be applied. You will only use Browser-Safe Colors on this page. (The only codes applied for R, G & B will be 00, 33, 66, 99, CC, or FF.)
  • You will work in Dreamweaver Edit Mode, but view your work in Dreamweaver Display Mode. You may use Photoshop as a reference to check colors.
  • You will only be concerned with the Values on 2 specific Tags/Attributes: <td bgcolor= and <font color=. To begin with, each bgcolor is set to #FFFFFF, and each font color is set to #000000.
  • Teacher and class will work together to change the colors in the first Table Cell to Red Text on a Pink Background. Students will the proceed on their own. While each student must do her/his own work, students can work together to help each other find solutions, and can assist each other.
  • After you have filled in the first rows of Table Cells, turn your attention to the bottom row. Change these backgrounds and text colors to colors of your own choosing. Do NOT put a medium color against another medium color — choose dark against light, or light against dark. Remember: A WEBPAGE IS A COMMUNICATION MEDIUM. MAKE YOUR TEXT CLEAR & READABLE. This is your chance to experiment: Choose colors here that you would like to use on your own website.