PSA Contest

Contest Categories:  Elementary (4th/5th), Middle School, High School, LGBTQ

What if our student’s generation was the first to be tobacco-free?  How can smoke-free policies help improve the health of our entire community?  How can limiting smoking, vaping and tobacco use improve the lives of your students, family and community?

Suggested topics may include but are not limited to:

  • Cigarettes, E-cigarettes, hookah, cigarillos and any emerging form of tobacco
  • Influence of smoking in the media
  • Tobacco industry targeting youth
  • Making healthy decisions about tobacco
  • Secondhand smoke exposure


Middle School and High School -Anti Tobacco, Cannabis or Vaping

Public Service Announcement 30-60 seconds video (spoken word included) All entries should be original.  Actors cannot portray any drug or tobacco use in a positive light.  No use of real tobacco products.

For more information please see our website:

Contact: Najwa Ahmed, or Karen Tiu,

School Health Programs : 1515 Quintara Street, San Francisco, CA 94116 (Tel) 415.242-2615