This week we will begin manipulating images. Your goal in all of the exercises and projects you work on this week will be MAKING IT LOOK REAL! You will need to work with care and precision and to make good choices on what images to change or combine.

  • From your CART1 folder: On the file img_windows.psd you will cut out both windows. Make sure you use Feathering of 1 on Lasso Tool.
  • On the file courtyard.psd you will remove all the people. You’ll do this by using Clone Stamp to extend the background images.
  • IMAGINARY LANDSCAPE: 600px width x 400px ht, hand in as a PSD
  • Combine three different landscape pictures. One picture must be SF Bay Area based. In choosing your pictures:
    • Use Large Pictures: Don’t take the thumbnails. Don’t take pictures smaller than 600px x 400px. If you stretch out a smaller picture it will be pixelated and blurry.
    • Keep Pictures In Proportion: When making a picture smaller or larger, grab by a corner handle and hold down shift.
    • Camera angle: Don’t choose pictures where the camera is looking down or the camera is looking up. It’s more difficult to put another picture in front/behind this picture.
    • Lighting: If you use a nighttime picture, you need to combine it with other nighttime pictures. You may find a beautiful picture where the sky appears orange — if you use that pic will you be able to match the lighting in the other pictures?
    • Distance: The picture on the top layer should be something close to the camera. The picture on the bottom layer should be something far from the camera. The middle picture should be a distance between the top and bottom.
    • Match Cut-outs to Background: If you cut out an image that’s against a light background and place it against a dark background, the fringe (where you cut) will be more obvious.
    • Feather More on Trees or Hair: Never feather at 0. For buildings and most objects you can feather at 1. But if you’re cutting out a tree or someone with fluffy hair you may want to feather at 2 or 3.
    • Don’t Put Anything Behind the Golden Gate Bridge: You cannot neatly cut out the wires in the bridge. Same for Eiffel Tower. You can place these on the bottom layer, but don’t try to cut them out.


  • THEN: TWINS PROJECT 600px width x 400px ht, hand in PSD
  • Take pictures of yourself with Photobooth. Combine two pictures. Extra credit if you can make the finished picture “tell a story.”
    • When combining pictures of a person with other people or locations keep in mind all the considerations listed for Landscape project above.
    • Make sure Larger image is in front of Smaller image.