Neighborhood Ad Campaign

You will create an AD CAMPAIGN for your neighborhood — to encourage San Franciscans to visit your neighborhood, spend time, and spend money in your part of town.

3 Ads 600px W x 800px Ht @ 72ppi, saved as JPGs, in folder named 5lastnameNeighborhood.

For an AD CAMPAIGN you will create 3 ads that are SAME/SIMILAR.

  • Same Typeface(s)
  • Same Logos
  • Same/Similar Design/Layout
  • Same/Similar Slogans
  • Different Images, but Same Filters, Same/Similar Placement

You should spend the most time on your first ad. Once you’ve completed the first ad, the next two shouldn’t take a lot of time — you’ve already chosen the typefaces, filters, layouts, etc.

Completed work Friday (Wednesday will be job interviews)