Digital Communication Ad Campaigns

5th period students will split up into teams of 5 students each (two teams will have 6 students).


  1. Class will quantify results from Market Research of students in Digital Communication.
  2. Each team will decide what questions they want to ask of students who did not choose Digital Communication. Make sure all team members are on the same page about questions.
  3. Each team member will interview at least 6 other students who are NOT in Digital Communication.
  4. Team will organize their results. There will be at least 30 results for each team.


  • Based on results of both parts of Market Research, team members will write up a short Creative Brief. (Mr. Machtay will provide a format.)


  1. Each team will decide on a Slogan and a Theme. What is the WHY you’re trying to communicate with your Ad Campaign?
  2. Each team member will design 3 ads in an Ad Campaign using the Slogan and Theme.
  3. Team will write a script for a short commercial (approx. 30 seconds) that tie in with the Slogan and Theme.


  • Each team will present their Ad Campaign for a Video Conference with business partners at Mekanism Advertising Agency.