Creative Brief

Each team will complete a PowerPoint by Wednesday.

We will watch the PowerPoints on Friday.

Here are the slides you need:

  1. STRATEGY: What is your focus, how will you approach this challenge?
  2. MAIN CHALLENGES: What are your most difficult challenges? What is competing with D.C.?
  3. TARGET AUDIENCE: Describe characteristics of your Target Audience. Create 3 Sample Students you want to reach.
  4. MAIN IDEA TO COMMUNICATE: What is your insight about D.C. that you most want to communicate, that you feel is most important to communicate in this ad campaign?
  5. WHY BELIEVE US: Why should people believe what we say? How can we back it up?
  6. CALL TO ACTION: What do we want the viewer to do after seeing this ad campaign?

Next week…
Each Team will write a script for a short (around 30 seconds) commercial for Digital Communication.
Each Student will create 3 Different Photoshop Ads/Posters for Digital Communication.