Re-Branding Campaign — Next Steps

On Friday, teams presented their Creative Briefs. Different teams had different takes in defining the primary CHALLENGE. I was defining the Challenge as the “competition” (other pathways, other electives), but most teams saw it differently.


Based on your Creative Briefs, we need to reach Students who think Digital Communication…

  • Is Too Difficult
  • Is Not Interesting
  • Does Not Lead to Career/Money
  • OR students who just don’t know about Digital Communication

Each Team must choose one Challenge that will be the focus of your Ad Campaign. (Other challenges will still be there, and need to be considered, but one challenge will be your primary focus.)


Meanwhile, each Team has selected one Theme — a Hook/Angle for your Ad Campaign. These include:

  • Colorful
  • Original/Unique
  • The Now
  • Your Voice
  • Opportunities
  • Inspiration

Then teammates should work together to select a Slogan for your campaign. If you can’t agree on a slogan, at least agree on the idea you’re trying to communicate and each of your slogans should represent the same ideas.


Each student will design 3 Different Posters/Ads for Digital Communication. Use pictures from pickupdropoff > machtayh > pickup > Acad_Pathways folder.

At this point you’re giving the client choices, so each of your 3 ads will use different typefaces, different designs, different filters or Photoshop effects. At the end of this process, your team should have 15 or 18 different posters from which to select.

You will work together as a team to create a script for a short (30 seconds maximum) commercial for G-House TV. Mr. Machtay will give you a storyboard template to use, and show you how he would like these presented.


Your team will put together a PowerPoint presentation to present on Friday. You won’t have to write a lot of new content for this PowerPoint. (If you work on Google Slides, please save as .pptx.)

Your PowerPoints need to be completed on Wednesday and placed in the Dropoff folder on Wednesday. We can’t take time on Friday! We need to be able to immediately start presenting at 1:05 pm Friday!

Mr. Machtay will demonstrate for each team how the PowerPoints should be constructed so there’s consistency.

SLIDE 1: COVER SLIDE — Your Theme is your Team Name. List which Challenge your team has selected.

SLIDE 2: MARKET RESEARCH — Share the most important point(s) you learned in your Market Research, especially about the Challenge you selected.

SLIDE 3: EXPLAIN YOUR CHOICE OF THEME — why is this theme a good way to address your selected Challenge? How do you think this Theme can benefit Digital Communication Pathway.

SLIDE 4, 5, 6: POSTERS — Display one Poster/Ad from each Team member. Select one or two Ads that your team likes best.

SLIDE 7: SCRIPT FOR COMMERCIAL — Present your script for Commercial (Pitch it! Sell it!).


We need new pictures for all of Galileo’s Academies & Pathways. Before we can make real ads/posters for Digital Communication, we need more pictures.

There is a contest now for all Academy/Pathway Students. Take active pictures of students in your program and email them to Deadline is November 15th (day before we leave for Thanksgiving).

Students in 5th period will help select the Winning Picture from each program. Winners will each receive a Jamba Juice Gift Card.

After we post the 6 pictures, the one that receives the most LIKES by December 13th (the day before we leave for Winter Break) will receive a Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream Cake.