Friday, Nov. 9th

WORKLOGS: Each student must fill in worklog up through today (Friday, November 9th). This is the end of the marking period. I need to go through these worklogs over the weekend. DO IT NOW! There is no flexibility beyond today.

WINTER ASSEMBLY: Each team should be finishing up your Winter Assembly Short Piece today. Put it on the Red External. Please do not wait for Tuesday. I have to submit grades by Wednesday night, so need to see what each team produced before then.

CAMERAS: The only students permitted in the equipment room are Cody, Aaron or Rodolfo. If you take out a camera, you must hand it back by 3 pm, so it can be accounted for. Cody is in charge of making sure all our equipment is back in by the end of the period. Please keep track of the Red External.

HALLOWEEN: Emily (and I think Karen was helping) needs to continue work on Halloween footage. It was too short and needs to be longer. If it’s not finished today, make sure Jiahao can complete it first period Tuesday.

BROADCAST: Cue Cards must be completed today. I need to proofread them Tuesday morning so we can video everything Tuesday at lunch.