Friday, Nov. 9th

I’m really looking forward to downloading and sharing out what we learned from Wednesday’s presentations. So I’m sorry I can’t be in class today (this couldn’t be avoided).


There’s a poster taped down to a table on the computer side of the room. Be careful with it. Each student in 5th period should sign their name. If you want to write more than just your name, keep it simple like, “Thank You” “Much Appreciation” or “You Were Great.” If you write more than just your name, MAKE SURE YOU DON’T SPELL ANY WORDS WRONG!!! (I don’t want to have to re-print the poster).


(We should have done this earlier.) Go to, the website of the ad agency that gave us feedback on Wednesday. There’s a page of different short commercials. There’s another page that explains some of their ad campaigns (this is especially interesting). You can look at the site alone or together with a few classmates.

Conversation and laughter is OK, but be careful not to disturb other students also looking at postings on the website.

Each of you will write 50-100 words.

Choose one commercial or ad campaign that you think is especially good. Explain (1) Why you think it’s good; and (2) What we could take from it/learn from it to do our Digital Communication Ad Campaign.


On Tuesday I want you to work as teams to write up Claim – Evidence – Reasoning for your ad campaign theme. It won’t take more than 10 minutes. I will give you the specific format on Tuesday.

ALSO (and very important), you are welcome to offer up any “Minority Reports” — do you have an idea that’s different from the one your team presented? You only have to write a few lines about it and submit it for consideration. SO COME UP WITH MORE IDEAS!

BTW: 6th period saw your presentations. They strongly favored two out of the six themes (but I won’t tell you which ones). They also might submit some proposals for themes.


How has Social Media affected you (in positive or negative ways)? Come up with one story about how your phone, your technology, or the social media you follow has had an affect on you.*

First week of December, we will be producing Podcasts with help of KALW Radio. Each of you will tell a story about tech in your life.

*Mr. Machtay plans to tell the story about crossing the street while looking at his phone and tripping over the curb so he landed right on his nose (but it’s OK, his nose always looked like this so another break didn’t make any difference).

Have a very nice and safe weekend.