A Story About Media in Your Life

Each student will tell a story about Media. It should be a personal story. (Scroll to bottom for examples of KALW Student Podcasts.)

Be prepared to get up in front of class and tell your story on block day this week.

The week of December 3rd, each student will make a Podcast from their story. KALW Audio Professionals will be in class that entire week to assist students.


(I like to say we’re a community.) Some of your classmates are not comfortable speaking in public. This project will be difficult for those students. But I’m trying to give all of you opportunities to build the skills you’ll need, and to be better prepared for the real world of work.

Some Media to think about:

  • Social Media (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat)
  • Apps & Websites (YouTube, music streaming apps, dating apps, health & wellness apps, Google Maps)
  • Video games, magazines, television, advertisements, movies, music, books
  • The News — newspapers, broadcast media, online news sites

Here’s a list of questions to help you generate your story:

  1. Can you tell me about a time when media (pick a specific media from above list) helped you get involved in your school, church, or neighborhood community or advocate around a social issue you care about?
  2. Can you tell me a time when media gave you access to something you might otherwise not have access to?
  3.  Tell me about a media/technology you depend on to stay in touch with a family or friend?
  4.  Can you tell me about a time you were addicted to some sort of media/technology and why?
  5. Tell me about a media you use to generate income (websites resell items, babysitting apps, etc)?
  6.  Was there a time when media/technology negatively impacted you?
  7. Has your privacy or personal information been at risk because of technology or something you or someone else posted?
  8. How has a type of media left you feeling either more connected to people, more isolated, or both?
  9. Tell us about a song, movie, or television show that helped you cope or that had a meaningful impact on your life.
  10. Talk about a topic in the news media (tv, broadcast, or newspapers) that relates to you personally, that you have a strong reaction to?
  11. Talk about a kind of media (video games, music, television, facebook, snapchat, or another kind) that you feel you spend too much time on, and how that has impacted your life.
  12. How have particular types of advertising or images on the media influenced your life, or how you see yourself? How has it impacted others your age?
  13. How has social media or other types of media impacted your school work, friendships, or relationships?
  14. How has major American media (TV, Movies) depicted (people like) you? Are there any TV shows that show someone of your age, your ethnicity, your income, and your family life? Do you see people like yourself in Movies?


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