NOT THE SAME ad campaign

Create 3 new Ads/Posters for Digital Communication.

400pxW x 600pxH @72ppi. Hand in JPGs, but keep the PSD files.

Folder: 5lastnameNotthesame

The Theme is: NOT THE SAME

Consider the many ways that theme can be applied. Digital Communication is NOT THE SAME as boring classes where you sit and listen to a teacher. Digital Communication is NOT THE SAME as Media Arts. Digital Communication now has update, better cameras, and keeps updating our software, so we are NOT THE SAME as we were one or two years ago.

THERE ARE NEW PICTURES (finally, hallelujah) in machtayh > pickup > acad_pathways > there’s a new folder named DIGITAL COMMUNICATION 2018.

You can also use other pictures. Mix it up. Make one of your ads totally outrageous & crazy (to prove that we’re NOT THE SAME)!!!

Due Friday.