Starting a New Project in Premiere Pro

  1. Log in to computer as guest user
  2. In Workspace create a new folder with name of project & computer number (e.g. interview23) no spaces, no special characters)
  3. Inside your new folder create 4 new subfolders: video, audio, stills, project
  4. Open Premiere Pro and set the preferences for Cache files to the new folders you created in Workspace (extremely important, IF YOU DON’T DO THIS YOU WILL LOSE YOUR WORK).
  5. Move your video clips into the video subfolder.
  6. You will learn 3-point editing: IN point, OUT point, and INPUT point.
  7. For each clip you wish you use, mark an IN point and an OUT point.
  8. Place the cursor on the Timeline where you want the new clip placed, and drag the clip to that spot on the timeline.
  9. Once you have 3 or more clips inserted in the timeline, watch them in realtime and see whether the edits flow together.
  10. You will use “handles” at end of clips to make the clip longer or shorter.
  11. You can use the Razor Tool to cut clips.
  12. You will use Video Transitions (dissolve between two clips) where they’re needed.


  • Do NOT open other apps on your Premiere Pro Computer. Use the computer next to it. (If you need to move music from one computer to the next, you were each given a 16GB thumb drive to use for this purpose.)
  • Do NOT go on the internet on your Premiere Pro Computer. Again, use the computer next to it.