New Digital Communication Ads

The new campaign for DIGITAL COMMUNICATION PATHWAY is based on the slogan/idea “NOT THE SAME.”

You will create 3 different ads for Digital Communication, each 400pxW x600pxHt.

In machtayh > pickup folder there’s a folder called acad_pathways > inside that folder is a new folder called DIGITALCOMMUNICATION2018. These are new pictures that haven’t been used before. You can also use other (older) pics or pics you find from internet (if they work in the context).

Show your Photoshop skills.


Digital Communication is not the same as traditional classrooms where a teacher lectures the students. Digital Communication is not the same as Media Arts was last year — we have a full set of HD/DSLR cameras. Each year of G-House TV is not the same as the year before — each year is shaped by the students.