Images for Stressin’ Website

Image naming and placement is important. There is a folder called “stressin_artwork” that’s beside the site folder in team7 account. Place your work in progress there. Then place all images inside appropriate images folder.

Image sizes are:

  • 940px W x 470px Ht (top of page image)
  • 540px W x 270px Ht (landscape)
  • 300pxW x 450px Ht (portrait)


  • Set your foreground and background colors to #666699 and #6699cc
  • Duplicate your image layer twice
  • On the top layer use Filter > Sketch > Graphic Pen
  • Lower the opacity on this layer to 66%
  • On the second layer use Filter > Brush Strokes > Ink Outlines
  • You’ll be able to see the Ink Outline layer partway through the Graphic Pen layer.


  • All image files should begin with i300_ or i540_ or i940_ depending on image width
  • Add a word (courtyard, sadness, classroom, studying), then add a number (01, 02, 03… 10, 11, etc)
  • Save as JPG