Design Principles Animation

You will create a Flash animation at least 120 frames long (12FPS) that shows two opposing DESIGN PRINCIPLES, the first design principle transforming into the second one. You can choose:

  • BALANCE/EMPHASIS — Mostly about positioning and layout of elements
  • HARMONY/CONTRAST — Largely about colors: do they blend in harmony or are they contrasting?

You are working with an animation program. So instead of making one piece of artwork that shows Balance and a second piece that shows Emphasis, you will make an animation that changes and shows one Design Principle turning into the opposite design principle.

Don’t just make meaningless shapes. CREATE AN ACTUAL SCENE. Demonstrate the Flash/Animate skills you’ve already learned.


  • Graphic Symbols
  • Motion Tweens
  • Shape Tweens
  • Transitions
  • Properties
  • Movie Clip Symbols