You: Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow

COLLAGE: Is an artwork that combines different images. You will collect multiple images for each of the three collages you’ll make this week. (You must combine at least 5 images for each collage.)

You can design a collage that looks formal and orderly — everything is lined up, consistent sizes in a grid pattern. Or you can make a collage that looks more organic/fluid — images overlapping. But…

  • REMEMBER THE PRINCIPLES OF GOOD DESIGN: Harmony/Contrast, Balance/Emphasis, Hierarchy, the Movement of the Eyes through your image
  • SHOW PHOTOSHOP SKILLS: Use Layer Masks, Filters, Cutouts

Each file 600 pixels by 600 pixels @ 72ppi. Hand in 3 PSDs due end of class Wednesday, March 20th, in a folder called 3lastnameYTT.

Combine at least 5 images for each of the collages.

COLLAGE 1: You Yesterday

What was important to you 10 years ago (age 5-6-7)? Where did you live? What were your favorite toys/games? Favorite TV shows? Favorite foods? What images would best represent you as you were 10 years ago?

COLLAGE 2: You Today

What defines you NOW? You are a Galileo student. You live in San Francisco. What else? What neighborhood? What activities or groups in this school mean the most to you? What San Francisco locations do you pass every day? Who are your favorite actors, singers, people? What do you care about?

COLLAGE 3: You Tomorrow

Think of this like a Wish Board. Where do you want to see yourself 10 years from now (age 25-26-27?)? Where do you see yourself living? What kind of job do you see yourself doing? What would you like to see in the world surrounding you? What do you care about that should be included in your future collage?


I want to see your work. I want to know that you combined at least 5 different images. I want to see where you used Layer Masks and cut-outs.


The first one is ORGANIC/FLUID. It looks a little chaotic, but there is balance (there isn’t one big empty area).

The second one is more FORMAL. It’s easy to describe the design and layout to someone who can’t see it (2 picture frames on the left, one on the right balanced by the word “Galileo” on the left, with fruit in the lower right corner).

The third one creates a SCENE. Mr. Machtay has his new robotic cyberbody, with a floating “whiteboard” (teaching the same lessons in hexadecimal) and Oprah Winfrey is president…

“O frabjuous day! Callooh! Callay!”