Design Principles Animation

You will create a Adobe Animation at least 120 frames long (12FPS) that shows two opposing DESIGN PRINCIPLES, the first design principle transforming into the second one. You can choose:

  • BALANCE/EMPHASIS — Mostly about positioning and layout of elements
  • HARMONY/CONTRAST — Largely about colors: do they blend in harmony or are they contrasting?

If you were in a painting class, the instructor might ask you to create one painting that shows Harmony, and a second painting showing Contrast. But we’re working with an Animation program. Therefore you will make one Animation that shows two different Design Principles — one at the beginning of the animation, the other at the end.

Don’t just make meaningless shapes. CREATE AN ACTUAL SCENE. Demonstrate the Flash/Animate skills you’ve already learned.


  • Graphic Symbols
  • Classic Tweens
  • Shape Tweens
  • Transitions
  • Properties
  • Movie Clip Symbols