“I Am…” Poem

You can either do this project in Flash (12 fps, minimum of 300 frames) or in Photoshop (5 Photoshop JPGs 600px ht x 800px w).

Complete this poem:

  • I am (fill in blank)
  • People think I am (fill in blank)
  • When I was younger I was (fill in blank)
  • Someday I will (fill in blank)
  • I believe (fill in blank)


Your animation will have 5 different scenes to it. You can do this all in one continuous timeline. Make sure you’re placing each symbol on its own layer.

Plan your scenes in advance. How will you show/illustrate each of the lines in the poem? By planning in advance you can create Library Symbols that can be re-used in different scenes.

Words should be on the screen. Make sure each group of words is saved as a Library Symbol — this way you can have it change size or change alpha (transparency). Even the shortest phrase needs to be on screen 4 seconds (approx. 50 frames). Longer phrases should be on screen for 6 to 8 seconds (approx. 75-100 frames). Make sure the words can be read against the backgrounds.

Hand in SWF file on Tuesday, March 6th, named 2lastnamepoem/3lastnamepoem.


Create five different Photoshop files, each one 600px ht x 800px w. Combine at least five different images on each Photoshop file. Place words on each file. Use Filters. Use Cut-outs. Use Layer Styles. Use Layer Masks. Demonstrate the Photoshop skills you have learned. Put in thought and effort of how you will illustrate (and how to communicate) each line of the poem.

Save each file as a JPG. Place in folder called 3lastnamepoem.