Galileo Folder Cover

Each student will design Folder Covers for Galileo. Hand in what you have at the end of Tuesday this week. You can make one, two, three or four. But you must fully use the two hours of class time.

This is the one time we are using a different setting for pixels per inch.

Each file will be 1250px W x 1600px Ht, 150 pixels per inch, GRAYSCALE. The folder covers will be printed in one color. Your file must be only black and white.

Place in folder called 3lastnameGalfolder.

Photos of Galileo can be found at pickupdropoff > machtayh > pickup > any of the green folders (galpics09, galpics10, galstudents, etc.). The folder called galpicsNew2017 has photos taken by Mrs. Partridge’s photography students — these are new and haven’t been used as much.

You can also take your own photographs of Galileo. If you submit at least 6 usable, interesting Galileo pictures (different from the ones already in the folders) you will receive extra credit on this grade.


Four years ago there was a great Folder Cover design that combined a Galileo picture with a picture of a Lion. For the two years following, the ASB officers selected images that had a Lion picture. We’re tired of Lions. No Lions.


  • You can write “Galileo Academy of Science & Technology” or “Galileo Academy” or simply “Galileo.” Do NOT write “Galileo High School.”
  • Make sure the name of the school is easy to read against the background.
  • If you have multiple lines of text do NOT put them on one layer.
  • Use ALIGNMENT — if you’re making a  formal design with 4 small images stacked up, make sure the left and right margins of those images align.
  • Remember HIERARCHY — In the full name of our school, “Galileo” is the most important word on your folder cover. The least important word is “of.”
  • Be CREATIVE — make one simple, straightforward design. Then try something different and interesting for a second design.
  • Show PHOTOSHOP SKILLS — Use Layer Masks, Cut-Outs, Filters, Layer Styles; show what you know in Photoshop.
  • USE THE CLASS TIME YOU’RE GIVEN — you have 2 hours! You may make one folder cover that is very complicated and intricate and takes the full time. Or you may make a design that is very simple and takes 20 minutes (and then use the next 1:40 to make more designs). Use your time well and make as many designs as you can between now and the end of Friday.