Your Own Business

You will hand in a folder called 2lastnameBusiness that includes the following Logos, Business Cards and Ad Campaign. Remember the importance of HIERARCHY! (If your business is called “Joe’s Restaurant” make sure “Joe’s” is larger and more prominent than “Restaurant”.)

  1. First, create your own business. It could be a restaurant, an auto dealership, construction, personal training, or it could be something larger like a tech start-up. Be clear on what product or service you are marketing. Choose a name for your business.
  2. Then, design 3 different LOGOS for your business — different typefaces, different colors, different designs. Create one file 600px x 600px and place all three logos on the same file. Mr. Machtay will help select one of those logos to use in the rest of the project.
  3. Use your selected logo to design a BUSINESS CARD, 200px Ht x 400px W. On business card include Name, Address, and Phone Number. (don’t use your real info)
  4. Now create 3 ads in an AD CAMPAIGN. Each ad 400pxW x 600pxHt. Remember that in an Ad Campaign each ad uses the same typefaces, same logo, same/similar design & layout, same filters, etc. The three Ads should look like a set.