Botta Website Design

Get folder bottaWebsite from pickupdropoff > machtayh > pickup folder. Drag this folder to your Documents. (Do NOT work on the files inside pickup folder.)

There are images and text for you to use in a webpage design.


The two textboxes with words are too large to fit. You’ll need to change the typeface and size on the words. The only acceptable typefaces for text are: Helvetica, Times New Roman, Trebuchet, Verdana. (Don’t worry if the words continue down off the bottom of the design.)


There are too many images to fit comfortably and neatly on the page. Select which images you want to use, then resize images as needed. Make sure to keep images in proportion by holding shift when you Transform > Size.


Consider what you’ll have as a background on your webpage. Choose a color or a texture. If you want to choose a design, make sure it is very simple design that repeats. (Mr. Machtay can show you how to take a small design and make it a pattern for paint bucket.) If you have a light background, make the text a dark color. If you have a dark background, make the text a very light color. MAKE SURE YOU CAN READ TEXT ON THE BACKGROUND.

You can choose any typeface for the Page Header and the Menu. Make it visually appealing. Also make sure it is appropriate for Mario Botta.


Alignment is very important in good web design. Horizontal and Vertical both. Create columns and place items (words & images) to fill the column edge to edge. Make sure to leave Gutters between columns (don’t have words touching the edge of an image).


  • Use space well. Make a balanced design that isn’t too heavy on one side or the other.
  • Make sure words are readable and images are kept in correct proportion.
  • Align your content into columns, with gutters between.
  • Make the design appropriate for Mario Botta. He was considered radical and groundbreaking in the 1980s and 90s. Don’t choose background and designs that are too old fashioned. At the same time, don’t choose design that is too contemporary.