Galileo Banners

Design has purposes and it has reasons.

A banner for the football team needs to be bold and bright, so if you hold it up from the top row of Kezar Stadium it’s easily seen by TV cameras. The banner may just say “Galileo” or “Galileo Lions.”

Whereas a banner for the door of the principal’s office should be businesslike and professional looking. It would likely have the full name of the school: Galileo Academy of Science & Technology.

Both of these banners would use the same color families: Purple, or Purple with Gold, or Purple with Orange. But the brightness and intensity of the Purple would be different. Each one would have a Lion picture that used a Filter. But the choice of the Filter and look of the Lion would be completely different.

Make a folder called 2lastnamegalbanners / 3galbanners (galbanners). Inside that folder you will place 3 completed JPGs for your 3 banners. (Mr. Machtay will show you how to save your file as a JPG.)

You will design 3 banners for Galileo. Each one 600px wide by 300px ht., 72ppi.

Banner 1: For Galileo Football

Banner 2: For Galileo Principal

Banner 3: Your Choice. You can make this banner for a particular club or activity at Galileo. Or you could just make this banner to please yourself.


  • Save each file as JPG
  • Name 3lastnameGalBanner1, etc.
  • Create a folder called 3lastnameGalBanners
  • Put all your JPGs into folder
  • Connect to Server: smb://
  • Open pickupdropoff > machtayh >
  • Drag your folder over the Dropoff folder in machtayh
  • You’ll get a message that says you can put items into this folder, but you can’t see them once they’re in the folder. Click OK.