Name Banners

Adjectives can be applied to design. The same describing words used to describe a person, can also describe a design (professional, crazy, loud, quiet).

This week you’re going to make three banners, each of which displays your first name. Each banner will be 600 pixels wide by 300 pixels high. You will save each one as a JPG and place the three in a folder called 2lastnameNamebanners/ 3lastnameNamebanners before putting them in dropoff folder.

  • You will select one adjective that describes you. That adjective will be applied to the design of all three of your name banners.
  • First name only. You can use a nickname. No last names.
  • Each name banner should use different typefaces and different colors. But they should all reflect the same adjective.
  • On two of the banners you cannot use images. You can only use letters, shapes, colors and design to communicate your chosen adjective.
  • On one design you can use a photograph, but it must be filtered to make it look like artwork. Do NOT use cartoons or another person’s design work.

Be creative. Have fun. Your completed folders are due at the end of Friday.