Landscape & Twins


  • Make a new Photoshop file 600 pixels width by 300 pixels height @72ppi. Name it 2lastnameLandscape.
  • Find three different photographs that show landscapes: it could be buildings, or mountains, or a waterfall, or a forest, or a beach, or houses, or streets.
  • One photograph must show something in San Francisco Bay Area
  • Choosing the photographs to go together:
  • Make sure the lighting matches. Use three daytime photos or three nighttime photos. Don’t use a picture that has unusual lighting.
  • Make sure the angles of the pictures match. Some photos are taken looking down at the subject (like a photo taken from a helicopter or from the top of a hill). Some photos are taken looking up at the subject. It’s difficult to layer with either of those angles.
  • Do not put the Golden Gate Bridge in front of any other picture!!! You cannot cut out the space between the wires in the Golden Gate Bridge. (Same for Eiffel Tower.)
  • Make sure the sizes make sense! Something that is closer to you is larger. Something that is further away is smaller.
  • Don’t use any Fantasy pictures! You must use realistic photographs. Your goal is to make the final picture look real — you can’t do that with Fantasy pictures.


  • Make a new file 600px W x 300px Ht. Name it 2lastnametwins (twins).
  • Take two different pictures of yourself using Photobooth. It may be easiest if you take one picture closer to the camera and one picture further from the camera.
  • Open each of the two pictures in Photoshop CC. Drag each one into your 2lastnametwins file. Make sure to place the larger image above (in front of) the smaller image.
  • Cut out the front picture. Make sure it makes sense (in proportion) with the back picture.
  • A higher grade if your two pictures tell a story.

Do NOT cut out holes in background picture. Cut out the front picture.

On both of these assignments hand in Layered PSD files, named correctly.