Layout: Typography & Artists

Mr. Machtay will review 4 Principles of Good Layout. These are:

  • and in the case of the second assignment, we’re adding BALANCE!

You are going to work on two different PSD files in your CART1 folder:


typographylayoutMr. Machtay will hand out printed versions of what the completed Typography page should look like. You will try to match the layout in the printed version.

Be careful about alignment! Mr. Machtay will show you how to use Rulers in Photoshop. Make sure everything on the left side is aligned left. Make sure the space between the images and the words is consistent, the same for all the text boxes.

You will have to change the size of the images. Make sure you hold down Shift and keep these images in proportion.

You will change the typefaces and sizes of the different textboxes. From the top they will be:

  • Helvetica 10pt, with Helvetica Bold 12 pt headline
  • Garamond 12pt, Bold headline
  • Times New Roman, 11pt, Bold headline
  • Trebuchet 10pt, Bold headline

On the first Layout assignment you had to match an existing layout, everything lined up and formal. On ARTISTS.PSD you will design your own page. But as you design keep in mind: GROUPING, ALIGNMENT, REPETITION, VARIETY and BALANCE.

Imagine you are the Art Director for a Magazine. The Magazine Editor gives you these images and these short paragraphs of information. You need to design the page for the Magazine. Create a headline for the page that says “20th Century Artists.”

You will have to make the images smaller (make sure you hold down shift and keep the images in proportion). All the images don’t need to be the same size. But the text in all the textboxes should be the same (otherwise you give more importance to one artist than to the others).

GROUPING: Make sure the correct paragraph is matched with the correct image. When someone looks at your page they should easily know which paragraph goes with which image. If it’s confusing, if there’s a paragraph that’s hanging between two images, you did it wrong.

ALIGNMENT: This layout should not be formal and all lined up like the Typography page. But if you have images and textboxes along the left-hand side of the page, align them.

REPETITION: Make sure the distance between images and textboxes is consistent throughout the page.

BALANCE: If you put all the images on the left and all the text on the right, your page will not be balanced. It will be too heavy on the left side. Make sure you balance the left and right, the top and the bottom.

HIERARCHY: Which words are most important? Which are least important? The title of the page should be largest and most prominent. The headlines for each of the paragraphs should be bolder (and maybe larger) than the paragraphs that follow. Hierarchy means giving emphasis to more important elements.