Layer Masks/Selling a City

Mr. Machtay will demonstrate the use of Layer Masks.

In your CART1 folder open the file called “layermasks.psd.” Mr. Machtay will demonstrate how to create a layer mask out of the letters in GALILEO; then how to create a layer mask in the shape of a lion; finally how to do a gradient layer mask. Follow all of these steps.

You will use Layer Masks in each of the three posters you will produce this week.

San Francisco photos can be found in pickupdropoff > machtayh > pickup > sfpics folder.

ADVERTISEMENTS FOR SAN FRANCISCO: 3 Different Posters, 600px wide by 800px ht, 72ppi, hand in JPG.

An Advertisement sells a product. In this case, the product you will sell is the City of San Francisco. You want to encourage people to visit San Francisco (the number one industry in SF is tourism). You want to encourage people who live here to go out and enjoy the city.



The first thing you need to offer to your client is DIFFERENT OPTIONS.

Make 3 DIFFERENT posters — different typefaces, different pictures, different designs, different filters, different layer styles, and different colors.

You must use at least 2 different pictures on each poster. Use Layer Masks to combine the different pictures into one image. Make sure the pictures communicate your message.

There must be a slogan — a short statement that tells your message. (e.g., “Enjoy San Francisco,” “Beautiful San Francisco,” “Have Fun in San Francisco,” “Experience San Francisco,” “San Francisco — Beautiful” … or you can do some research, find out facts about the city, and use a short statement on your posters).

Make the slogan part of the design! Don’t put multiple lines of type on one layer — put each line on its own layer so you can move them around and manipulate the design. Be careful where you position the type — don’t cover somebody’s face or an important part of the picture with words. Make sure the type is readable.

Do your best! On Friday, hand in JPGs in a folder called 3lastnamesfads.