Galileo Ad Campaign

You will create an AD CAMPAIGN for Galileo. Each one 600px wide by 800px ht, saved as JPG, placed in folder 5lastnameGalads.

Each Ad must have:

  • Picture(s): Don’t just slap down one picture and say you’re done. Show your Photoshop skills. Use Filters, Layer Styles, Layer Masks, Cut-Outs.
  • Layer Styles: You must use Layer Styles for each ad.
  • Logo: How will you write the word Galileo or the words Galileo Academy of Science & Technology? Remember Grouping and Hierarchy.
  • Slogan: A short phrase to SELL YOUR PRODUCT!
  • Remember the Principles of Good Layout – Grouping, Alignment, Repetition, Variety

Each of these ads will be part of a Consistent AD CAMPAIGN — same typefaces, same designs, same colors, same filters, same or similar slogans. But different pictures on each. Adapt the design to suit each ad.

Due end of class Friday, Oct. 11.