Sports Franchise Designs

You will create a new SPORTS FRANCHISE for the Bay Area. It can be any sport you choose (football, tennis, dodgeball, quidditch). The name cannot be a name currently used by a major sports franchise. Call your team the San Francisco ________, or the Bay Area _______.

In your 3lastnamesports folder you will place:

    3 Different Logos for your team (on one filesportslogos01 600px x 600px @72ppi, saved as JPG.
    3 Advertisements 400px wide by 600px ht, all one consistent Ad Campaign — include images, slogan, logo, encourage people to buy tickets to see your team, save as JPG.
  • 1 T-Shirt Design that represents your team, 600px wide by 800px ht, use an image of a T-shirt as your background, save as JPG.
  • 1 Hat Design — 400px by 400px, must be simple, ONE COLOR, save as GIF.



  • First you will design 3 different Logos for your team on one Photoshop file 600px by 600px (save as JPG). Make all 3 DIFFERENT — different typefaces, different designs, different colors. (Your client wants choices.)
  • Keep the Logo simple. You don’t want photographs in the logo. Just simple shapes. Remember, this has to go on hats and onto ads that will include other images.
  • Remember GROUPING!



  • Mr. Machtay will give feedback on your logos. Take the feedback and improve one of your logos.Then you will use that logo on the rest of this assignment.
  • Now produce 3 Advertisements for your team. Each ad will be 400px wide by 600px ht (save as JPGs).
  • Your ads should all be part of one unified AD CAMPAIGN. (Mr. Machtay will show samples of Ad Campaigns.) Ad Campaign should use the SAME typeface, same colors, same design elements.


  • Now design a T-shirt and a hat for your team.
  • The T-shirt design should be 400px wide by 600px ht (save as JPG). You can use as many colors as you want. Make it something people would want to buy.
  • The Hat design should be 400px by 400px (save as GIF) and it should be ONLY ONE COLOR! So you have to make a very simple design — simple but representing your team and appealing enough that people would buy it.