Neighborhood Teams

You have been assigned to teams based on where you live in San Francisco. You will create material that publicizes and “sells” your neighborhood.

Sit with you new team. Mr. Machtay will give you a TEAM LOG-IN. This way you are all working in the same account.

Create a folder in Documents with your team name.

You were each asked to take at least 10 Photographs of your neighborhood. Everyone on the team please place your neighborhood photos into the Team Folder in Documents.

    • Team should meet together and agree on a list of questions for Market Research. The Market Research information you want to collect is: Do teenagers come to your neighborhood? If so, what do they come for? What would attract more teenagers to come to your neighborhood? Each member of your team should interview at least 10 other students to gather data.
    • At the same time each student should design one neighborhood ad (600px W x 800px Ht) with a slogan, design and approach that you would like your team to use.
    • When your CREATIVE BRIEFS are done, create a different ad based on what your team has learned/agreed on.
    • After you collect information from Market Research, work together with your team to create a PowerPoint (or Google Slides) of your Creative Brief, presenting:
      • STRATEGY for Ad Campaign? What themes, what kinds of slogans, how will you represent this neighborhood.
      • PROBLEMS TO ADDRESS What is the client’s major problem(s)? How will your strategy address the problems?
        • INSIGHTS What insights have you gained? What insight is your strategy based on?
        • INTERESTING? What’s the most interesting thing we know to help us solve client’s problem?
      • MAIN IDEA What is the main idea we need to communicate?
      • CARE? Why should people believe you? Care about what you’re saying?
      • WHAT DO WE WANT PEOPLE TO DO? Visit your neighborhood on the weekends  because they think it is a fun place for teens.
    • You will create 3 Ads for a neighborhood ad campaign. For this assignment, each person on the team may define their neighborhood as they wish.
    • Each ad will be 600px Wide by 800px height @ 72ppi.
    • The AD CAMPAIGN should all go together/match — same typeface, similar layout, same/similar slogan, same filters/colors, etc.
    • Each member of your team will design a website, 1000px W x 600px Ht @72ppi.
    • When all the designs are completed, team members will sit down with Mr. Machtay to discuss which designs they like best (or which part of which designs they prefer)
    • For the Page Header and the Links you can use any typeface (these will be constructed with Photoshop). But for the text, you should only choose between Helvetica, Verdana, or Times New Roman.
    • Each student on your team will write two articles for your website (250-300 words each).
    • ARTICLE ONE: A place that would be of interest to a teenager — this could be a diner where you can get a low-cost breakfast, a playground where you can get a pick-up basketball game, a thrift shop. Do not write about a fancy expensive restaurant. Do not write about a chain store. Find something special in your neighborhood.
    • ARTICLE TWO: Write about the neighborhood. Discuss and divide topics with your teammates. It could be describing and explaining different sections of your neighborhood. It could be transit routes in and through your neighborhood. It could be some history about your neighborhood.
  • Once your team has agreed on a design (and on the typefaces, colors, etc.) start constructing a website using HTML and CSS.

These websites will be complete before we leave for Thanksgiving.

After Thanksgiving we will have guests from KALW Radio guiding students in creating your own Podcasts.