Friday’s Discussion

I was very pleased with Friday’s class discussion. I saw a lot of passion and interest from students. I heard a lot of ideas that are worth exploring.

I need everyone to fill out Work Logs for 3 weeks. Andy will be here Tuesday to help us with Thank You cards.

  • Please do not attack other students. Each student performs in this class as she/he chooses. You are not all sharing the same grade.
  • DIFFERENT PRODUCERS: of Broadcast for Different Weeks sounds interesting. It could be exciting, but that week’s producer(s) have to make sure everything is done on time.
  • IMPORTANT TO KEEP IN MIND: Mr. Machtay is the one who will be blamed if there is no broadcast or if there’s something wrong with/on the broadcast.
  • MONDAYS: all the “extras” should be in place — commercials, video of the week, opening, closing.
  • OPENING & CLOSING The Broadcasts need an Opening and a Closing. Whether or not you agree that the broadcast should open with “Students of Digital Communication present G-House TV” and “Digital Communication! Not the Same”
  • CUE CARDS: Move them to Google Slides instead of PowerPoint
  • SCHOOL ACTIVITIES: We need to edit all School Activities. If you don’t want them on the Broadcasts, I will put them on the galileoweb site.
  • SONG & YELL: I’d like last year’s Song & Yell shown as Video of the Week. Where does this decision get made?