Textile Design


Create a new file 600px x 600px.

You will create multiple designs using the first letter of your name. Choose a different typeface for each. Create at least 5 different designs. Mr. Machtay will show the class:

  1. How to easily duplicate a layer and transform the new layer.
  2. How to quickly transform subsequent layers so each one has the same changes.
  3. How to group layers into folders, so you clearly differentiate one design from the next.


You will make 3 different Textile Designs using 3 different symbols you’ve created. Each Textile Design will be on a different file, size is 600px Ht x 600px W.

Each Textile Design must:

  • Repeat the Symbol in a consistent way — same spacing, same spaces
  • Have the Symbols cover the page from edge to edge
  • Fill in different areas with colors; minimum 3 colors in a consistent pattern

Mr. Machtay will show shortcuts to make it easier for you to create your Textile Patterns.