You will create a folder called 2lastnamebugs / 3lastnamebugs.

This will be a multi-part project and you will place all JPGs from this assignment into your 3lastnamebugs folder.


80% of cultures around the world eat insects. But most Western countries do not. Some believe that the solution to world hunger is using insects as a source of food.

So, how would you market food made from insects to appeal to American teenagers? Come up with a product and a name.


The first part of this project, you will create 3 Logos for your product. Each logo will be 400px wide (you decide on the height), saved as a JPG.

Mr. Machtay will review with the class: What makes a good logo? There should not be a lot of extra space between lines of type. Group things together so that you create a design out of the lettering.

What colors and what typefaces will you select to represent your product? What designs will appeal to a teen audience?

Most logos don’t have pictures. They may have simple shapes that represent the product or emphasize the letters in the name. Consider logos on products that you like.

Complete 3 Logos. Show them to Mr. Machtay and he will help select which Logo to use in your advertisements.


Mr. Machtay will review your 3 logos and help you select one to use in your ad campaign. The class will look at some print advertisements and consider what makes some ads more effective than others (especially in appealing to teens).

REMEMBER: YOU’RE CREATING AN AD CAMPAIGN! The three ads should use the same typefaces, same filters/layer styles/masks, same/similar slogans, similar types of pictures, same/similar layouts.

Each ad is 400px W x 600px Ht @72ppi, saved as JPG, and has:

  • PICTURE(s) — it could be one or more pictures. It may show the product, but more important it should show how the product makes people feel (happy? healthy? energized? satisfied?).
  • LOGO — depending on the ad design, the logo could be large or small. But it should be clear and readable.
  • SLOGAN — “Coke, it’s the real thing.” “Apple, think different.” “Burger King, have it your way.” Find a short, catchy slogan for your product.
  • ADDITIONAL WORDS — Do you need to add some more words to help communicate your vision of the product? To help convince people to buy and eat this product?
  • … And don’t forget: PRINCIPLES OF GOOD LAYOUT! Grouping, Alignment, Repetition, Variety, Balance.