Proposal for Statement Videos

Each student will write a one-page proposal for their Statement Video Project. Below are outlines for documentary/informational video and for narrative video.


  1. TOPIC: What is the subject of the video?
  2. QUESTION/CONFLICT: What question will you be exploring? Or what conflict will you be explaining?
  3. WHO TO INTERVIEW: What people (or groups) will be interviewed to help tell your story?
  4. WHAT QUESTIONS: List the questions you will ask these interviewees. Make sure they are active questions.
  5. WHAT SCENES: What locations or events or activities will you be videotaping?
  6. OUTLINE: Describe each sequence in order from beginning to end
  7. ALTERNATIVE: If your idea does not follow this format, speak to Mr. Machtay. You still need to do an Outline of what will be in your movie.


  1. SUBJECT: What is it about?
  2. CHARACTERS: List and describe the characters
  3. CONFLICT: What is the dramatic tension? who/what vs what/who?
  4. RESOLUTION: How does the dramatic tension resolve? The conclusion/climax?
  5. OUTLINE: List the sequences/scenes (tell the story)