Photo Bomb

You will create 2 new files, each 800pxW x 600pxHt. You will add yourself into other pictures.

You know how to cut yourself out (you did that in the Twins Project). This time you need to find 2 other pictures and add yourself in. (Because of the size you will have to find large pictures.)

  1. A SCENE: You can take a scene from a movie or TV show. Or a group photo.
  2. A PLACE: Photobomb yourself in to a famous location, indoors or outdoors

This time you will hand in JPGs (therefore, you’re not going to be graded on doing perfect cut-outs; you’ll be graded on how the final pictures look).

Make sure to find pictures that work with your picture:

  • Don’t make yourself tiny! If I can’t even see whether you did a neat job of cutting out, I will lower your grade. It’s too easy to add in a very tiny picture.
  • Is there room to add you into the picture? A “head shot” of an actor or singer doesn’t have room to add a second person.
  • Same/similar lighting! Be aware of the direction of the light. Is it outdoor or indoor lighting?
  • Same angle! Is the camera looking down or looking up at the subject?

Due Friday