Posters for TV Series


  • Make a New Poster for your favorite TV Series
  • Do NOT use any Posters or Advertising Materials
  • Combine Pictures of Scenes from the Series and of Stars
  • Create Your Own Design for Logo (Name of TV Series)
  • Create Your Own Slogan


  • Create a new TV Series.
  • Is it a drama or a comedy?
  • What is it about? Where is it set?
  • Choose (at least) 3 actors/stars who will be in your TV show. Choose people who have NOT worked together before — this way you’ll have to cut out and combine pictures.


  • One poster for your Favorite TV Series
  • 2 Posters for your new TV Series. Each poster will be 600 pixels wide by 800 pixels tall @72ppi. Save as JPG. When you have all 3 completed JPGs place in folder called “2lastnametv” and put in dropoff folder.
  • Make sure you’re showing all 3 (or more) actors/stars in each poster.
  • Make sure the name of your TV series is prominent and easy to read.
  • You will definitely need to cut out images in order to put them together. What other Photoshop skills can you demonstrate in this project?