Advocacy Posters


When you ADVOCATE for something, you argue in support of it. ADVOCACY means standing up in support of something.

You have learned Photoshop skills. You know how to use Filters, Layer Styles, Layer Masks and Cut-Outs. Now use those skills to communicate an idea  — an idea you believe in. You will make 3 Advocacy Posters, each one 600pixels width by 800 pixels height, save as JPGs. You are making a set of 3, that means 3 posters that go together as a group.

There are also many people who advocate for issues affecting the world, for instance:

  • Bring Back the Girls Who Were Kidnapped in Nigeria
  • Stop Government Surveillance (spying on people)
  • Freedom of Speech
  • Respect Immigrants
  • Feed Hungry Children
  • Clean Up the Air and Oceans
  • Eviction Crisis/Gentrification

Choose one topic that you care about. (This list is for examples only; you don’t have to choose from this list.) Now make three Advocacy Posters promoting that one idea.

Search for images that communicate your idea. Don’t just put down one picture with some words over it! Combine images. Show your Photoshop skills in these posters.