Movie Posters

3 Movie Posters, each 600px wide by 800px ht, saved as JPGs
Hand in Folder Friday: 3lastnameMovieNew

You will design three DIFFERENT movie posters for one movie (of your own creation). Create a name for a movie and combine two performers (who have never appeared together). The movie must take place in A DIFFERENT TIME & PLACE. (It can be historical, or fantasy, or it could be futuristic or on a different planet.)

Each movie poster must include:

  • Combine at least three pictures: 2 different actor(s)/actress(es) plus background
  • Movie Title (prominent)
  • Slogan for Movie
  • Names of Stars
  • Incorporate Layer Mask into each poster

This is NOT an ad campaign. The posters should each be DIFFERENT (different typefaces, different colors, different designs). Have fun with it.