Falling Leaves Animation

You now understand the basic steps in creating a Flash animation:

  • Create a graphic image/shape.
  • Group it and Save as Symbol in the Library
  • Place Symbol on a Layer in the Timeline
  • Place Keyframes on the Timeline as you want your symbol to move or to change.
  • Insert a Motion Tween/Classic Tween so Animate will create an animation between Keyframes
  • An Instance = Keyframe + Symbol — you can use Transform or Properties on an individual Instance
  • You can re-use the same Symbol on other layers, but ONLY ONE SYMBOL PER LAYER!
    Now add to that:
  • On a Motion Tween/Classic Tween you can apply Rotation, Skew, Scale
  • Also on a Motion/Classic Tween you can Transform the Symbol — Scale, Rotation, Skew


  1. Create a new file in Adobe Animate. Name it 3lastnameleaves. Save in Documents.
  2. Change the background color to blue and change the frame rate (frames per second) to 12.
  3. Mr. Machtay will show the class how to use Vector Graphics tools to create a leaf.
  4. CREATING YOUR LEAF: You will make a series of dots using the Pen Tool. The dots will form the shape of a simple leaf.
  5. You will use the Arrow Tool to change the curve of the lines (make straight lines curved) and to change the angles (remove angles, shift angles)
  6. Then you will fill in the enclosed leaf shape with the Paint Bucket. (Shape must be enclosed to fill in color). You can then add “veins” to your leaf with the Line Tool.
  7. When the leaf is complete, group it and place it in the Library. Save it as a Graphic Symbol called leaf1.
  8. Place the leaf off the stage to the upper left. That will be where symbol leaf1 will begin on frame 1 of the timeline.
  9. Now place a keyframe at frame 60. Move the leaf to the right side of the stage.
  10. On frame 60 use the Transform Tool to make the leaf larger, rotate the leaf, and skew the leaf.
  11. Now place a keyframe at frame 120. Move the leaf to the lower left of the stage — outside the stage.
  12. On frame 120 use the Transform Tool to make the leaf very small, rotate the leaf, and skew the leaf.
  13. Now put a Classic Tween on the entire layer. The leaf will float toward us (get bigger) to the right. Then the leaf will float away from us (get smaller) to the left.
  14. Use the same symbol leaf1 on a second layer. Don’t use the same frames for Keyframes – move them slightly. Use the same leaf on a third layer. Once again, adjust the Keyframes.
  15. Create a second leaf. This second leaf should be more complex than the first one. Use this second leaf on three layers.
  16. Apply Rotate to all of the Tweens.
  17. MOTION GUIDE: Create a flower, save it as a graphic symbol in the Library. You will animate the flower on the top layer using a MOTION GUIDE.


  • Putting more than one Symbol on a layer
  • Wrong layer
  • Using too many dots (with Pen tool) to create your leaf
  • Putting too many Keyframes in your Timeline