Name Animation

You can animate your first name or a nickname. Make sure there are at least 6 “Letter Symbols” being animated. If your name is shorter than 6 letters, add some Dingbats (In your CArt1 folder, you have a file called dingbats.psd. Check that file to help select Dingbats.)

To begin:

  1. Open a new file in Adobe Animate. Change the stage size to 600px W x 200px Ht. Change Frame Rate to 12fps. Change the background color to your favorite color.
  2. Insert a new layer. Use the Type Tool to type in the first letter of your name. Group it and make the letter a Graphic Symbol in the Library. Rename this layer so you can identify it.
  3. Insert another new layer. Use the type tool to type in the second letter of your name, and follow the same steps as above.
  4. Make sure each letter of your name is:
    1. On its own layer, the layer re-named so it’s easy to identify
    2. Grouped and transformed into a Graphic Symbol in the Library.
  5. On Frame 1 of your Timeline, position the letters to spell out your name. Then place a keyframe at 120 (now Frame 1 and Frame 120 are the same, so the animation will loop).
  6. Then place a Keyframe on Frame 24. DO NOT MOVE the Symbols on this Keyframe. (The reason why? So people have a full 2 seconds to read your name.) However, you can change the colors of the letters (using Properties Palette).
  7. Now place other Keyframes in the remaining Timeline.
  8. Move all the Letter/Symbols off the Stage. Then have the Letter/Symbols re-enter.
  9. During this 10 second animation you must use:
    1. Transform: Stretch, rotate, skew Symbols
    2. Properties: Change the colors, the Alpha of the Symbols
    3. Rotate on Tween: At least one time for each letter.