Implied Action Video Outline

The Implied Action Videos made by 5th period last year were not good. Very few of them actually showed implied action. So this year I’m giving you a script to follow.

The first step is to take these Scenes and turn them into a Storyboard.


Note: Character A & B are played by the same actor/actress. He/she should wear different tops (or one wears jacket/sweatshirt, the other does not).

·      A stands against a wall and is playing a game on cell phone.

·      A gets a text on cell phone.

·      Text says: “I’m gonna get you!”


How will you show/indicate the text on the cell phone?
·      B comes through the door in a threatening way.

·      A reacts to B. A is frozen for an instant, but then turns and starts running.

·      B runs following A.


Cut back and forth between A & B
·      Chase sequence. B is chasing A. Make it INTERESTING!
·      A falls down a flight of steps.

·      B sees this and is horrified.

·      B turns and heads away from the steps

Show falling down a flight of steps in a series of short shots edited together (montage)
·      Off screen VO: “There he/she is!”

·      B turns, reacts and then heads toward a window or a ledge

·      B jumps from high floor and lands on street or courtyard

·      B catches breath

·      B takes out cell phone and resumes game

Show jumping out of building in a series of edits (montage)

At some point in your video show a Point of View shot where (1) Someone is looking; (2) you show what they’re looking at, but it’s NOT in the same location. (In other words, you invent a Point of View shot.)