This week Mr. Machtay will be using a new kind of daily report. There will be one sheet of paper for each team. Indicate what you worked on each day of class: What project; what jobs you did. (I will not accept 4 days of “brainstorming.”)

Next Tuesday, February 5th, each team must export some examples of what they’re working on. The class will look at this footage on Thursday, February 7th.

You don’t have to show edited scenes. You could just show raw footage. But show us the sort of things that will be in your video. The class must provide constructive feedback: Is this video interesting, informative, entertaining? Is this topic worth making a 5 minute short video about? What questions or perspectives could be added?

The week of February 11th, Mr. Machtay will make a determination whether to assign each student in this class to produce a written report on a director.