Van Gogh’s Early Life

When you work on a PowerPoint for a presentation, you should use Bullet Points instead of full sentences. You need to select only the most important pieces of information for your bullet points.

In your oral presentation, you should give more details and explanations. The PowerPoint Bullet Points are just points of reference for your audience to be able to follow what you’re saying.

For today, your team is working on a PowerPoint about the artist Vincent Van Gogh. Your group is going to create bullet points for a slide called “The Early Life of Vincent Van Gogh.”

Each person on your team should read one of these short pieces linked below. Then your team should work together to write 5 Bullet Points. Each one no longer than 12 words. Maximum 40 words per slide.

You have to decide WHAT’S MOST IMPORTANT to be included.


  • No more than 5 bullet points on a slide
  • No more than 12 words per bullet point
  • No more than 40 words total on a slide

Reading 1

Begin at “Early Years” and read 3 paragraphs till “austere, cold, and sterile.”

Reading 2

Begin at “Early Life” and read 2 paragraphs till “…subsequently denied entrance.”

Reading 3

Begin at “Childhood” and read 3 paragraphs till “…constantly being rejected.”

Reading 4

Read the first 4 paragraphs on this page.

Then work together with your group to choose and write up the 5 MOST IMPORTANT bullet points. Limit the number of words. REMEMBER: no more than 12 words per bullet point; no more than 40 words total on a page.