Artist Retrospective

Hooray! The SF Museum of Modern Art has decided to have a Retrospective about YOUR ARTIST — the one you’re going to report on for class. Since you’re an expert on that artist, the museum has hired you to work on the marketing materials for the show.

A RETROSPECTIVE: an art exhibit showing representative examples of an artist’s lifework. (

You have to give the museum three different poster designs for your artist’s retrospective.

You will design 3 Photoshop files, 800px Ht x 600px W @72ppi, each saved as a JPG, in folder named 3lastnameArtistsName.

Choose a NAME for the show. One word or just a few that reflect upon the artist’s work. (For instance, Mario Botta’s Retrospective might be called “Shapes” or “Geometry.”)

Poster you design should include:

  • Name of Art Show
  • Artist’s Name
  • Location: SF Museum of Modern Art
  • Dates: July 1-September 30, 2020

… Make sure you respect HIERARCHY! Which is most important word, what is less important.

Make each of the posters visually appealing. And make each one DIFFERENT. If you make a poster that uses only one image; make another poster that combines 3 or 5 different images.

Show Photoshop skills. I keep saying this. Show me that you can use Layer Masks, Cut-Outs, Filters, Layer Styles, etc.

Also, your choice of design should show an understanding of your artist’s style.