Mario Botta PowerPoint

FIRST, DO NOT DO ANYTHING WITH POWERPOINT DESIGNS OR ANIMATIONS. Mr. Machtay wants you to follow these steps in this order.

Images & Text for PowerPoint

In the Fall all of you downloaded the CArt1 folder from machtayh > pickup.

Inside the ca1 folder is a folder called mariobotta. Inside that folder is a file called maribottacontent which will open in Microsoft Word.

Follow instructor to Insert > New Slide; Format > Slide Layout; Insert Text; Insert Picture from File. Only when you have added content to all the slides can you move ahead to the next step.

Experiment with Slide Background (Colors, Gradient, Textures); Select Slide Theme (appropriate for content)

Mr. Machtay will demonstrate how to personalize your template to make it appropriate for your content. Revise Theme Design to make it individual for your presentation.

Once the slide formatting is done, you will have to reposition the images, etc.

Once all of the above is done, turn your attention to adding Animations and Transitions. Do not use a wide variety of Animations. Choose one Animation for all images; one Animation for all text; and one Transition. (Even better if you end up with less than 3).