Director Report

While we are out of school, you should

  1. Choose a Director
  2. Watch 3 Movies by this Director
  3. Create a PowerPoint or Google Slide Presentation about the Director’s Work


Mr. Machtay can loan DVDs and recommend directors. If you want to choose a director of your own, you must get the choice approved by Mr. Machtay. (At this point, if school is not meeting just go ahead and choose a director — but make sure this director has enough work over enough years and that there’s enough information about this person online.

Some movies are available on Youtube. Most movies can be checked out of the SF Public Library for free.

You will watch 3 movies by a famous/important film director. Then create a PowerPoint presentation with the following information:

  1. Information about the director’s life: born, died, education, other jobs, awards?
  2. What were influences on this director’s work? Who did he/she learn from? How did he/she become a director? (Some started as writers or editors or cinematographers or stage directors)
  3. What was this director famous for? What types of movies? What style or genre? What makes this director’s work identifiable?
  4. What did critics say about this director’s work (find writing by influential film critics)?
  5. How did this director’s work influence current movies? (If this is a director from film history)
  • Research: did later filmmakers credit this director?
  • Higher-Level Thinking: Are there recent movies that reflect this director’s influence?
  1. What do you think about this director’s work? What do you like or dislike? Does some of it feel old-fashioned and dated? Does some of it feel timeless?

Choose a short clip (3 to 5 minutes) from one of the director’s movies to show in class. Explain to the class why this clip represents the director’s style.

To consider some directors from film history:


Here is a sample of a Director PowerPoint about Billy Wilder: