Advice Book

You are going to make a BOOK OF ADVICE. You can use MS Word or Google Docs.

It can either be “Making it Through Shelter-in-Place”; “Making the Best of Stay-at-Home”; “Getting the Most from Distance Learning”; or you make up your own along these lines. It should be advice/guidance for students who may have to go through similar experiences next year.

It can be serious or it can be funny!

YOU WILL CREATE 6 DIFFERENT ILLUSTRATIONS! One for each piece of advice.

You can use:

  • Photographs you take yourself
  • Photoshop, if you have access
  • Drawings you make on paper (then take photos of your drawings to submit to Google Classroom)
  • If you use Photos you download from the internet, you have to DO SOMETHING to make them your own! (Combine more than one picture on a document; Add words across the picture)