Elevator Pitch

Imagine you step into an elevator. It will take half a minute to reach the lobby. There’s only one other person in the elevator with you — it is George Lucas or Bill Gates or someone else rich and powerful.

You have half a minute to convince that person to give you a job… or to give you $100-million dollars to make your movie or television series. But you only have 30 seconds to “sell the idea” (or sell yourself as the case may be).


For this week’s class (April 22), I’d like each of you to prepare an ELEVATOR PITCH for your favorite movie/tv show. Make believe your favorite movie/tv show has never existed. You have to explain the idea in half a minute and convince this person to give you the $100-million to make your dream come true.


For next week’s class (April 29), each of you should create an ELEVATOR PITCH for your own idea. This could be an idea for a video you’d like to make in class next year. Or it could be a big-budget movie that you would dream of working on.

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