• Make a new Pixlr file 800pixels wide by 600 pixels height @72ppi. Name it 2lastnameLandscape/ 3lastnamelandscape.
  • Find three different photographs that show landscapes: it could be buildings, or mountains, or a waterfall, or a forest, or a beach, or houses, or streets.
  • One photograph must show something in San Francisco Bay Area
  • Choosing the photographs to go together:
  • Make sure the lighting matches. Use three daytime photos or three nighttime photos. Don’t use a picture that has unusual lighting.
  • Make sure the angles of the pictures match. Some photos are taken looking down at the subject (like a photo taken from a helicopter or from the top of a hill). Some photos are taken looking up at the subject. It’s difficult to layer with either of those angles.
  • Do not put the Golden Gate Bridge in front of any other picture!!! You cannot cut out the space between the wires in the Golden Gate Bridge. (Same for Eiffel Tower.)
  • Make sure the sizes make sense! Something that is closer to you is larger. Something that is further away is smaller.
  • Don’t use any Fantasy pictures! You must use realistic photographs. Your goal is to make the final picture look real — you can’t do that with Fantasy pictures.

Do NOT cut out holes in background picture. Cut out the front picture.

On both of these assignments hand in Layered PSD files, named correctly.