Sports Franchise Designs

You will create a new SPORTS FRANCHISE for the Bay Area. It can be any sport you choose (football, tennis, dodgeball, quidditch). The name cannot be a name currently used by a major sports franchise. Call your team the San Francisco ________, or the Bay Area _______.

In your 3lastnamesports folder you will place:

    3 Different Logos for your team, each one 600px X 600px. Each one needs to use Different Typefaces, Different Designs. You can use SHAPES. But do NOT use any Photographs.

    3 Advertisements 400px wide by 600px ht, all one consistent Ad Campaign — each ad needs to include:

    • Logo
    • Slogan
    • Picture(s)
  • Because this is an AD CAMPAIGN, all 3 ads should have
  • Same Typeface(s)
  • Same Colors
  • Same/Similar Layout
  • Different Pictures, but with same Filters/Adjustments